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Eight scouts took part in the Orwell District night hike in February, because of the windy weather in the previous 24 hrs it was touch and go as to whether it would go ahead, but it did with the winds calming at the last minute and our scouts went on to come joint first.

Cubs and Beavers Christmas Tree


1st Westerfield Cubs & Beavers prepared for Christmas – but with a Scouting theme, by making tree decorations during their meetings. The Cubs made ‘natural’ tree hangings from thin slices of tree branches (with the help of ‘Skip’ & ‘Q’ from Scouts), & each decorated with a ‘camp-fire’ and Cub activity badges.

The Beavers made ‘icicles’ with cut-out letters of words depicting Beaver activities – ‘fun’, friendship’, ‘creativity’ etc & cone angels.

The tree was one of several, representing community groups at the recent Christmas Tree Festival displayed in Witnesham Baptist Chapel.